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Sammy White started his career in the automotive industry in the early 60's. With the purchase of his first Kawasaki dealership his statement was clear. "Make the buying experience as easy as possible. With this motto he established a lasting reputation of "No Hassle Buying. What you see is what you get." Sammy White priced every unit "Out The Door" with the idea that when you walked into the store you saw the price you were going to pay. Cutting out the negotiations and haggling became a reason that Sammy White is one of the oldest Kawasaki dealerships in the United States. Still today Sammy continues to sell the same ways he has when he started his career in the motorcycle industry. Kawasaki MFG. has recognized Kawasaki City as an Ichiban Dealer "which means #1" ever since the Ichiban program was introduced in the late 1960's. Sammy White prides himself on the fact that his business views are unique and one that makes him part of the largest selling dealers in the United States. With this Kawasaki City wants to thank you the customer for allowing us the make your buying experience one that will keep you comming back for years to come.

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